Satview offers the fastest internet speeds in its markets Phone company is history meet the future meet Satview

Satview offers the following internet packages:
Stream to all your devices using the package that meets your needs

Residential Basic 12/3 300 Gig limit
Residential Advantage 20/3 300 Gig limit
Residential Advantage 50/10 300 Gig limit


RSI                                       3/3          300 Gb     data $  39.99
RSI                                     12/3          300 Gb     data $  49.99
RAI                                     20/3          300 Gb     data $  79.99
RAI                                     50/10        300 Gb     data $  99.99

Advantage Plus Internet     100/10      500 Gb     data $149.99




Take the speed test and see how your Internet connection stacks up                                                                                       

Connect to Modem

Connect your laptop or desktop computer directly to your Satview modem via an ethernet cable

Disconnect Wi-Fi

Disconnect your WiFi router from the modem or turn off your WiFi if using a 2-n-1 router/modem.

Close Applications

Close all applications, including streaming video/music and gaming systems.
Test your internet speed.

Understanding Speed Test results

Megabits per second


Megabits per second. You need eight megabits per second to move a one-megabyte file, i.e., bits move bytes.

Higher Mbps means faster transfer of files like digital photos

Download Speed

Download Speed

This is the maximum amount of info (in megabytes) your computer can receive from the Internet in a given second.

Faster download speeds ensure smooth video and game streaming

Upload Speed

Upload Speed

The maximum amount of info (in megabytes) that your computer can send to the Internet in a given second.

Upload files, like photos to Facebook, faster

We custom build the internet speed that is required. Additional data limits can be acquired.